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Payment Processor Fees

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Payment Processor Fees


a peer to peer fundraising platform


Last Update: March 3rd, 2020

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 – USA

 Payment Processor Fees

 Any and all collected funds into your “CAUSE” via

has a 10% Payment Processor Fee that is automatically debited from each donation.

The minimum standard one-time set-up fee per US Nonprofit Organization is $150.00 US dollars, and an additional $50.00 US dollars per cause, project or campaign. This MagnifyFund LLC’s specific set-up Fees for your ‘cause’ will be charged to your designated Nonprofit.

Industry-standard payment processor fees also apply (hereinafter and on website referred to as “Payment Processor Fees”). To learn more about the MagnifyFund LLC Platform, the MMF Charity Platform and applicable Payment Processor Fees, visit us at

All “Payment Processor Services” are Powered by Authorize.Net.

Administrative fees will be deducted at the time of the transfer.

  • 4% to Authorize.Net for transactions and processing fees, and bank fees, and an additional,
  • 6% for Cause/Campaign and website management and gateway fundraising platform access by MagnifyFund LLC.

MagnifyFund LLC does not play the role of a financial institution, a charity 501c3, broker, or negotiator.


Transfer of Funds

At any time, you can transfer funds from other fundraising platforms into your ‘cause’ at

please note that a 10% Payment Processor Fee applies.