Magnify Fund

Non-Profit Development and Educational Webinars

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How can We Help?

MagnifyFund will take you by the hand and structure your nonprofit from the first steps to its completion to fundraising success.



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  • How to develop your mission and vision
  • Help your board members understand their responsibilities
  • Strategic planning
  • Fundraising techniques sources available
  • Effective skills to peer-to-peer fundraising (friend fundraising)
  • Exercise funding communication stewardship plan and follow up with donors.
  • Practical guides to build a case statements
  • The power of asking workshop. How to ask effectively!
  • Accountability
  • Fundraising strategies customized for your organization
  • Embedding sustainability in organizational culture
  • How and where do I find my donors?
  • Marketing circle of life
  • Marketing philanthropy
  • How to engage your board
  • How to expand your budget with “in kind donations”
  • Donor profiling
  • About and how approach major donors?

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  • Which fundraising bucket are we ready for?
  • Why donors say yes? Why donors say no?
  • How do I get a yes?
  • Manage donors’ income range to increase your donations
  • Donor retention guidelines.
  • Taylor your stewardship plan
  • Auction plans
  • Year round “Thank you Plan” to have recurrent donations
  • Grants dynamics and grant reporting
  • Sponsorship packages and attractive phrases to get support.
  • Master your fundraising vocabulary
  • What an annual report must have to impress your donors
  • What do your donors expect from your organization, board members and the organization?
  • What an annual report must have and impress your donors
  • What do your donors expect from your organization, board members and the organization?

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