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Nonprofit Formation 501C´s

Structure your nonprofit organization. Either 501c3, 501c4 or 501c6

Fundraising and Sustainability

Prepare your organization and train your board

Stay in Compliance

effective and professional accounting services: 990N – 990EZ – 990’s


Nonprofits are constantly looking for solutions and often ask themselves: Why they don’t get funded?  Where do I find my donors? How can I bring more funds?


Nonprofits are confronting unnecessary fines, loss of their 501c’s status, lack of funding, running out of money, and exhaustion. Nonprofits need to understand how to operate to be successful?


Nonprofit 501c’s Applications, Peer to Peer Fundraising, Fund Development Plans, Fundraising Classes, Board Training, Charitable Solicitations, Activate Dormant Organizations, and Accounting Services.

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MagnifyFund has revolutionized our entire fundraising approach and really helped us maximize fundraising ROI by focusing on the more efficient areas of retention and referral.
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